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Introducing our exclusive Lifetime Buyback offer, designed to celebrate the enduring bond between you and your Kai silver jewellery. .

Come, let's redefine the relationship between you and your cherished pieces.

Buyback Offer: Upon evaluation, you will receive a straightforward 50% buyback offer, providing a transparent and fair value for your jewellery.

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Terms & Conditions:

1. This buyback scheme is valid for the entire lifetime of the jewellery, ensuring you can avail of the offer whenever you choose.
2. This offer is applicable solely to Kai silver jewellery, reinforcing our commitment to our valued customers.
3. The buyback offer is non-transferable and can only be availed of by the original purchaser.
4. Valid identification is a necessary part of the documentation process.
5. Ensure you retain the original purchase invoice as a requirement for the jewellery under consideration.
6. Your Kai jewellery should meet our predefined condition standards to qualify. Note that significant damage may impact eligibility. (We can remove this if that's not applicable.)
Questions about the buyback or ready to take the next step?Contact our customer service team for personalised assistance. Beyond an offer, we pledge to uphold transparency and simplicity.