First impression is the last impression they say. Well, it holds true in many ways. The way you look, dress up, your overall appearance speaks volumes of your personality. Be it a casual meet with your friends, at your workplace, an evening to be spent with a special one or simply stepping out to let your hair down...everyone wants to look unique and beautiful to leave a lasting impression.
Good outfits form the core when it comes to looking good. But your style quotient is drastically enhanced when you pair it with the right accessories. Some sparkles of finely crafted jewellery add that perfect dash of dazzle for you to stand apart from the crowd. And trust us at Kai to make sure you look as wonderful as you truly are!
Here are some cool, stylish and affordable pairings to take your charisma to a higher level :-

1) For that Chic Teen look -

"Great personal style is an extreme curiosity about yourself"
- Iris Apfel.

We live young only once. Teenage years are synonymous with being curious and exploring new avenues. It also relates with being yourself and learning to be comfortable for what you are. Convenience is the buzzword in this day and age. An unplanned shopping spree, hanging out with your buddies, exploring various food joints, all these while balancing your studies. One needs to choose clothing that is easy to get into, trendy and cool. A crop top or a casual t-shirt paired with a nice denim is your everyday look. But why confine it to being mundane?

Pair your attire with simple yet trending silver accessories. STYLISH LAYERED STRINGS SILVER MINIMAL RING, a ring that's minimalistically stylish and sparkling in the right amounts. Add to it OVAL SINGLE DIAMOND STUDDED EVIL EYE SILVER CHAIN NECKLACE, a comfortable piece of neckwear that's a token of your ambitious flights.

2) Where's the Party tonight?!

'LIVE the Party,
LOVE the Party,
BE the Party.'
Conforming to the daily routine of life makes us dull. It's imperative to take a break and enjoy yourselves along with your friends. A weekend party at your favourite spots goes a long way to refresh, replenish and energise. And parties are the perfect place to communicate, chill out and make new connections. Looking glamorous then does help.
Shimmering sequins or short skirts go really well for your party needs. But why not add some more sparkles to make a shining statement?! Dazzle up with STUNNING BOX CUT ZIRCON SILVER TENNIS BRACELET and CRYSTAL CUT SILVER DROP EARRINGS. A perfect couple to add more glitz to your dance moves!

3) That Formal Office look - 

Success will beckon if you style it right. Be it an important meeting with a client or standing a class apart from your colleagues, your appearance makes a telling statement. Short shirts with a blazer and formal pants are great for carrying yourself at your workplace.
Remember that style and substance go hand in hand. Pair your work outfit with a daintily stylish ELEGANT DROPLETS SILVER DROP EARRINGS. Top it up with STERLING CONCENTRICS CASUAL SILVER CHAIN NECKLACE for that perfect blend of sophistication and charm.

4) When Love is in the Air!

A date night is always special as it may lead to a lifetime of happy companionship. Nail that perfect date night look as you try to woo your potential partner. A mini skirt or a cocktail dress enhance your beauty to higher notches.
Couple your elegance with tokens that are symbolic of your love and affection. THE STYLISH BOND OF ZIRCON INFINITY SILVER BRACELET, a charm that radiates your adoring emotions. Double it up with a stunning BIG INFINITY SYMBOL ROSE GOLD AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS and let the night be more special!
So get set to enhance your look with these stylish and cool Kai pairings for you to set your own trend.

To any mundane style?
When Kai
Can be
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